Her belongings will be treasured !!!

From past a month I have been searching for the best jewellery for my wedding day. But the search has been in vain . Cities I have travellers and returned disheartened . From Internet websites to various brands showrooms I have been looking for my wedding jewellery. Annoyed and unhappy .
We were discussing about the places to travel for my wedding jewellery in our drawing room. Mom brought her grand anklets which she had been gifted by Nani for her wedding . They were awesome. Perfect what I had thought. I loved them. She asked me if u liked them . In fact I loved them. I loved them to be treasured . I told mom I would take this. Her eyes glittering she was happy to give me this in present. It was simply wow. I wore and looked in the mirror yes again I love them . No one would be so happy as your mom to give you sucha beautiful presents . These anklets would realise me the love of my mom everyday.thank you mommy 😘😘



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