When I want to break the wall , those boundaries !

With the feeling of writing I start. I don’t know what exactly I want and what I wish to write but sometimes writing is always comforting. It’s equal to telling you story to the person they wish to here. Writing has always been inspiration for me as I could write whatever and who ever phrases I feel and I do really feel? Today I feel people are busy with their livings, they care they live for themselves but that living is so obnoxious. No one ready to hear the other one. Even if it happened to , we do not pay attention to such things or issues . I do not know what to write , all us know is writing is comforting . Moonlight and I am sleepless . Wandering thoughts and mixed emotions . Yes , it’s going to be changed in few months . The thing which had always taken a hell outta me is going to happen . I am getting married . At a point this feeling is so beautiful , so Pretty , so loving and so safe but at the other side it has few issues which I have to deal . I mean they not be issues but this is the word I can phrase for now . I am little scared and all the more excited to meet him to be with him for the rest of my life. It’s like the beautiful feeling of first drop of rain and I wish to walk with him. Writing all this is so pleasing . It comforts me to great extent . I wish myself good luck as I am going to leave my memories my past living and my family behind specially my childhood days . I love thyself. Happiness with you is all I wish . Hand in hand with you through your my life and even beyond . The trust intact . The love all the more beautiful each passing day. Welcome my new life 😊<



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