Bureaucracy and improvements …. A boon to 21st century for India

The title here suggests that I am going to write here something about government and their issues. As the name suggests I am going to write something positive about them which I and people around india have been cursing since long. It’s about passport , a right of identity of every individual across the globe. I had fixed an appointment to the passport office for the verification of my details provided to them to get a valid passport for myself so that I can get a permission from government to travel overseas. I had to cover a distance of nearly 4 hours to visit the passport office . My dad insisted to come along so that he can be protective when I put a statement that I would manage myself by some public transport vehicles. We woke up next early morning and drove towards the place known as rajkot which was nearly 200 kms away from my hometown.
I had registered my passport appointment few days back in ahmedabad office which was 400 kms away from my hometown. To my surprise the appointment was cancelled because of my 10 mins delay from the appointed time. This had actually surprised me because I had not expected indian government organisations to be so punctual. Then I had booked my next appointment to the rajkot branch office . I reached before time. So me and dad had lunched till that time. After that, I went to the office at my appointment time. I stood in que and the after 20 mins I was give a token to reach the next big room . Scanning the token I was allowed to enter that room. I was supposed to. Watch the huge TV screens for my token number to display . It was N251. After nearly 15 mins the token number appeared and I was directed by a man to go to counter A1. The appointed man checked my documents and asked me questions about my studies. He than scanned my fingerprints and then my photograph. I wished that moment of I would have dressed up better and tied my hair properly instead of making a simple bun 😜 I was then directed to wait until the same token number appeared. I waited there for long 30 to 40 mins and then again was directed by a man to go to counter number B1. The appointed man had tobacco in his mouth and so he was not in mood to ask me questions instead he talked me in language of signs. He then asked me to wait till my next turn. I again waited for nearly 40 mins and then I was called up by man sitting on counter number C3. I checked my documents and asked me to submit all of them before leaving. I did the same.
What amazed me was the the process. It was so very perfect to my surprise . The indian government was improving. No bureaucratic delays all went perfect. The timing was perfect.there were around 100 people per batch. They managed every individual perfectly. The time ncomes and by that token number we have to show the documents.there was transparency in their work. There were beverage counters for the people who felt lazy while waiting. This was so good. The service was perfect. It was centrally air conditioned room. We we’re offered comfortable chairs while waiting. I then learned the whole process was managed by TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES.its good to know that my india is improving day by day. The next day I got a call from police station for the passport inquiry which means my process was actually done properly. It was the next process then. Wowww… Indian government improved to a great level. Keep growing india . I am proud of you .
I wrote and I am proud of Indian government which now has improved and has thrashed the bureaucratic delays and red tapism. Undoubtedly red tapism is still prevalent here but I have faith that this also will be abolished some day, SOMEDAY …yes. Keep growing ….




One thought on “Bureaucracy and improvements …. A boon to 21st century for India

  1. Very true. .I still remember the day when I first made my pp in 1989. Stood in a long queue for 5 hrs and my entire day was fudged in Mumbai pp office, the next visit for renewal after 10 yrs was comfortable. And nowadays it is more convenient. Thanks to TATA. I m proud to be Indian.


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