Eternity and beyond ….!

I have felt when I start writing it’s the best thing when I want to console thyself. When I want to make myself happy and sympathise , I start writing. I am not happy. They love no more. They care no more. Only he does. No one asked how was I feeling this morning. Only he did. He cared. He called me and asked me to visit the doctor. I smiled. He is my dose I felt. Papaji had called me last night to learn about my bad health. I talked to them. I felt good cos they were to love and care.
He called back again . I din visit the physician. He loved me so much I could certainly feel that in his words. But here, they dint. May be they have forgotten . I went downstairs and took homemade (which I made) medicine for my throat. No one asked . Was I disturbing them? These are few moments which I hated. I felt I was unwanted in this place. It was not a good feeling at all. I felt I wanted to go back to him and hold him till my breath. Here their reactions were not expected ever. After writing this I console myself. I am happy . I am getting married to my love. Love you endlessly . Waiting to see you 😘


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