Be happy on your own !

A life never gone . Sitting on a couch I wondered why is my happiness ruled by others wishes , acts , deeds ? At the end, all that matters to me is my happiness . Everyone is judged by people around them . I am sad if my mother scolded me for my wrong doings , I am depressed if I am not able to meet what I need. But shall it be so? I once wondered. Life is precious and so the moments we we dwell and we plan are too . Let them set free. Let the happiness in you be judged by you only . Unless you are ready to feel free from the outer world you will never be happy. Internal peace is greatest happiness around the world. There is so much more to life than finding person who will want you or being sad who doesn’t want you . Stop pondering . There is lot of time to spent discovering yourself without hoping that someone will fall in love with you. Being positive does not always help they can only soothe you . So hoping the best in future is the mission 😀


Can happiness ever be defined ?

Winter noon 3:38 I was wondering what the happiness is. Is it the feeling others give us? Is it what we expect from others ? To my surprise when the above questions went on positive in my mind , I realised that was not happiness . It was tempering satisfaction . Why are people like we are so dependant on the surroundings we share ? Here we are compromising with our happiness . If the feeling of happiness is defined by others and dependant to them we will end up loosing ourself very soon. I had stopped talking to myself and I was unhappy . I realised I had given away my life completely . I realised I my happiness is dependant. Eternal peace and happiness is the greatest gift . Somehow I had lost in the midst of worldly pressures . Spending time with thyself , talking within and start loving thyself , I decided . No one in this world is for the selfless purposes . They have their own and they care for thyself. Don’t be so dependant that they leave you unhappy . You owe only yourself and only your happiness . A lil afraid I am a lil scared and I lil confused whether the decision is fair enough. 15 days for the wedding bells and am I happy ? Why there is no answer from within. I can’t share this , this feeling . I can’t explain them . I am confused whether it was a dreamy world . It makes me sad. I was happy before . I was happy when my dad cared each and every thing about Me. He smiled if I insisted him continuously for some desires and tried to fulfil them . He fulfilled my wishes and even scolded me for my wrong doings . A sorry was enough here . But this is not going to same throughout my life . My mistakes are not forgiven . Why am I always misunderstood . The best way to all the solutions is to remain quiet . I have learnt I was only my dad s princess . I love you papa 😘