Can happiness ever be defined ?

Winter noon 3:38 I was wondering what the happiness is. Is it the feeling others give us? Is it what we expect from others ? To my surprise when the above questions went on positive in my mind , I realised that was not happiness . It was tempering satisfaction . Why are people like we are so dependant on the surroundings we share ? Here we are compromising with our happiness . If the feeling of happiness is defined by others and dependant to them we will end up loosing ourself very soon. I had stopped talking to myself and I was unhappy . I realised I had given away my life completely . I realised I my happiness is dependant. Eternal peace and happiness is the greatest gift . Somehow I had lost in the midst of worldly pressures . Spending time with thyself , talking within and start loving thyself , I decided . No one in this world is for the selfless purposes . They have their own and they care for thyself. Don’t be so dependant that they leave you unhappy . You owe only yourself and only your happiness . A lil afraid I am a lil scared and I lil confused whether the decision is fair enough. 15 days for the wedding bells and am I happy ? Why there is no answer from within. I can’t share this , this feeling . I can’t explain them . I am confused whether it was a dreamy world . It makes me sad. I was happy before . I was happy when my dad cared each and every thing about Me. He smiled if I insisted him continuously for some desires and tried to fulfil them . He fulfilled my wishes and even scolded me for my wrong doings . A sorry was enough here . But this is not going to same throughout my life . My mistakes are not forgiven . Why am I always misunderstood . The best way to all the solutions is to remain quiet . I have learnt I was only my dad s princess . I love you papa 😘



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