After the wedding , first Valentine ❤️

Sunday , I planned with all of them in vain . As I am nearly married my man a week ago , I live with joint family which involves my in laws and their 3 kids more. Marwari family has restrictions regarding the way you live. A day before Valentine, my in laws were out and through which I got a chance to celebrate the perfect day .
I woke up little late then usual and saw him snoring . He looked cute while sleeping . I loved him. Brushing my teeth I saw him looking for me with his half awake eyes. I woke him up and wished him the first Valentine. I then went to kitchen to make him a hour vita milk and for me a tea. He went out for buying my fav breakfasts. I Decorated the room with perfect Valentine cake with his most loved flavour and a sea green coloured shirt which was a present to him. He came and his expressions were priceless when he learnt the surprise. We cut the cake , ate and made love 🙈 now don’t expect me to write more on this 😉
I returned to room in bathrobe hearing the noise in the kitchen . Yes my husband was cooking . Love him more . He cooked my favourite dal rice and we had it together as we do everyday . We then talked and dressed up ourselves to go for shopping . We went to a mall with millions of choices and I tried nearly 50 pair of denims and end up fitting a perfect . He was little annoyed as I kept him busy of shopping for nearly 4 hours . My husband hates shopping . But it was my day 😉 we shopped more a little and then I went to salon to get ready for the evening . He went for the arrangements which he hide from me but I knew him well. Ready for the evening as we were riding to the place , we gave me a red roses bouquet . Wow I went romantic . This was the first time my husband did not ask me for the venue to go for dinner as he had already planned . To Tease him , I asked which place are we going , I want to go that particular restaurant 😉 he smirked . Hahaha
As I stepped out of the car , I saw him searching for something but hiding from me . He did this because he wanted me to surprise . Yeah I pretended as if I dint notice but he hid something in his shirt . There was my present . We walked together to the place . It was beautifully decorated with flowers candles and balloons . The perfect romantic ambience , the smell . As we sat down , he took the present .. It was a diomond ring , omg …. Beautiful it was . I did not thought of this . It was so pretty. I wanted to hug him and kiss them . I could see his face shaded because of the candle light . He looked handsome and romantic . We were so happy and talked endlessly . I love to her his talks . He is naughty and know many ways to make me happy and smile . We ate the delicious food which I ordered as I do so everytime . We talked more while returning back home. I wanted to eat PAN . We ate that and returned back home tired but not tired to make love and love each other more and more . I love you baby ❤️



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