Women, women empowerment. 

Hello there, since last a week I have searching my mind to write on this. The major issues dealing these days in India. U fail to understan what today s people want. They want want good and fast communication , a developed country in a stroke with India who even fails to keep the women safe in their homes. I was sad when I learnt that even foreign students don’t want to study India or skip their jobs when they know they have to work with Indian males. Is this country so illiterate ? Are we really developing country ? I have been seeing women harassment in day to day lives. It’s sad. Women are not safe outside their homes then are they safe at their homes giving domestic violence an issue to raise up. I am a women. I understan how does it feel. Our nation is loosing it’s tranquility , it’s religion , the respect. Communalism is another issue with our country like India . The last evening I read of OLA CABS. A Customer demanding for Hindu driver because he himself was a Hindu and so preferred the same. Is this really happening ? People are not so dumb and not so illeterate to choose the drivers for their comforts just ranging them between religion. The question here arises of the safety. The believe Hindu drivers are safe. I am not talking about a particular religion but here clearly we can see the faith , the fear of trusting other people. The don’t trust people, they trust religion.

The second issue we come up with is crime which is increasing day by day. The crimes for women like rape, domestic violence etc are increasing, girls ain’t safe at their homes too. People have become insensitive. I feel women are more important to society. They should be given opportunity to educate themselves. I am still finding a time when women wil be quality treated with men. I can write long and long fill pages for women and their related activities. 
Depression is the other issue which is very well prevelant in indian society. Women face me tak torture, trauma, abuse. I fight for these. I am waiting for the day when indian women will be allowed to take their own decisions and become self dependent. Love you ladies out there!


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