Those sparkling eyes!

  Hello everyone ! How you been doing ? Hopefully good. Longtime I wrote anything here searching for something worth writing. Little busy in my daily schedule, my life has changed to good since I last wrote my post. Here I go with my experience.

A routine day, I was returning home after a dinner with my husband. It was Sunday and we usually dine outside that day. We had good food and more we had some good talks. While returning, I asked my husband my wish to have PAN. This is sweet flavoured usually have it after food. He parked the car and went off to buy my need. Meanwhile a little kid nearly ageing 6 years only came to me and asked me to buy balloons. He was poor and so he needed money. Though poor, his eyes had a spark of confidence and not seemed pityful. I scrolled down the glass of my car and gave him 20 rupees without the balloons as those balloons would be in no use to me as we do not have any kid in our home. He asked me to take balloon of my choice. I denied. To this, his reaction was more surprising to me. He denied to take the money if I did not buy his balloon. He said he was not beggar. He wanted to earn his own money with respect . I took back 10 rupees. The ballon cost was only 5 rupees. He then gave me back again 5 rupees to me searching hard those 5 rupees from his savings. Such a great heart. I was numbed hearing this. Good was his upbringing. I wish every beggar should learn from him in our country. 


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