The Jaded Generation !

Hi bloggers, 

How are you doing ? I am good and doing good after my recent examination. Last night I thought to share about my thoughts. I was pondered in phrases of thinking about the evolution of human being. How today we as human beings are most superiors on earth on one side and the other are human beings who even are so restless at times, get tired after a little work and find so difficult to wake up in morning doing nothing ?  This is what my mind was put into. We are tired even before waking up, go through the motions like robots through the day and sleep eludes us at night because of fatigue. The exhaustion epidemic is upon us. How did we reach here? This is a serious issue with the world of today. Our ancestors worked days and nights with their full strengths , they fought wars which lasted for many days , they ate raw food, in fact they are perfect balanced food. What is the problem of today’S generation? We do Jit stop nagging ourselves over a simpler issue. We want frequent breaks over work. The answer to these question is ‘ world of techno-freaks’. This is something and wholly related to the world of technology. More a materialistic world then a world of pure happiness . Here, happiness is defined by buying a new branded  clothes or expensive electronics rather than scoring high in academics or the inner strength any beauty . We have forgotten and lost in the world of materialism than the world of purity. The world of fake then the world of strength and growth. Everyone is in search of happiness here and still no is happy and contended. The problem which do no let us allow to wake up is out stress, the efforts to be happy. The rule out this and completely abolish this, we shall be happy with nature . We shall spend time with nature and shall adore the beauty of nature . Meditate in the lap of nature, workout, exercise , eating right shall be out goal to be existent in this world . This will lead you to inner happiness, strength , beauty . Meditation will not only increase the power of happiness but also it will lead to strength of concentration . May the world understands the beauty of Mother Nature and accept the revolution of lifestyle.


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