The tactic of demanding the impossible and demanding at gunpoint – Terrorism 

Hello everyone !

Welcome to the world of terrorism. Today’s blog consists of the article over terrorism. I happened to cross over the news of recent terror attack in one of the restaurants or Dhaka. The grief is all about the religion. I wonder which religion does terrorism belong. During the month of Ramzan where not only the followers of Islam but also non followers of this religion tend to be pure, pious. The tend to hurt less and be kind to people and here I read a something which made me sad . What these terrorists are upto? Destroying the whole world over their nonsense thoughts. Jihad , jihad . I wonder if they really knew this fancy word. Had they ever read Quran, the holy book of Islam they would not have ever come to this. To add on the grief of nation , it is added by another information that these terrorists were highly educated coming from rich families. So they have surpassed the word of education . This means they were so much mind washed that their education did not affect them to kill the souls. ‘Terrorism has become a new fashion’. This is way I read in an article describing the recent attack in Dhaka. Killing people during the month of Ramadan . They surely have some other religion but not Islam . Be it Hinduism , Islam, Sikhism , Jainism , Christianity etc all lead to the same teachings to be kind , honest and definitely not to hurt any living object. Tarishi, an Indian girl who was killed in the attack. The immense pain get families , friends and the loved ones might be going through would be out of our thoughts. The shattered minds and the emotions, the deep grief the nation is going through is immense. The head of each nation is doing enough to stop or cut down the terrorism but still these people without hearts manage to trouble people taking away their happiness .God bless the nation and the world. 

The other issue the world is dealing with is the word Islam associated with terrorism . Every terrorist is definitely not the follower of Islam. Moreover these terrorists have some other preaching a and teachings. So by this seeing every Muslim with the eyes of terrorism or hating them because of terrorism is something which we have made complicated and is so unfortunate. Every Muslim is definitely not a terrorist. Had they read Quoran, world would have been to a happy place !

 32685 people have died due to terrorism in the year 2014 that’s more than 80% in previous year.


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