The tactic of demanding the impossible and demanding at gunpoint – Terrorism 

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Welcome to the world of terrorism. Today’s blog consists of the article over terrorism. I happened to cross over the news of recent terror attack in one of the restaurants or Dhaka. The grief is all about the religion. I wonder which religion does terrorism belong. During the month of Ramzan where not only the followers of Islam but also non followers of this religion tend to be pure, pious. The tend to hurt less and be kind to people and here I read a something which made me sad . What these terrorists are upto? Destroying the whole world over their nonsense thoughts. Jihad , jihad . I wonder if they really knew this fancy word. Had they ever read Quran, the holy book of Islam they would not have ever come to this. To add on the grief of nation , it is added by another information that these terrorists were highly educated coming from rich families. So they have surpassed the word of education . This means they were so much mind washed that their education did not affect them to kill the souls. ‘Terrorism has become a new fashion’. This is way I read in an article describing the recent attack in Dhaka. Killing people during the month of Ramadan . They surely have some other religion but not Islam . Be it Hinduism , Islam, Sikhism , Jainism , Christianity etc all lead to the same teachings to be kind , honest and definitely not to hurt any living object. Tarishi, an Indian girl who was killed in the attack. The immense pain get families , friends and the loved ones might be going through would be out of our thoughts. The shattered minds and the emotions, the deep grief the nation is going through is immense. The head of each nation is doing enough to stop or cut down the terrorism but still these people without hearts manage to trouble people taking away their happiness .God bless the nation and the world. 

The other issue the world is dealing with is the word Islam associated with terrorism . Every terrorist is definitely not the follower of Islam. Moreover these terrorists have some other preaching a and teachings. So by this seeing every Muslim with the eyes of terrorism or hating them because of terrorism is something which we have made complicated and is so unfortunate. Every Muslim is definitely not a terrorist. Had they read Quoran, world would have been to a happy place !

 32685 people have died due to terrorism in the year 2014 that’s more than 80% in previous year.


The Jaded Generation !

Hi bloggers, 

How are you doing ? I am good and doing good after my recent examination. Last night I thought to share about my thoughts. I was pondered in phrases of thinking about the evolution of human being. How today we as human beings are most superiors on earth on one side and the other are human beings who even are so restless at times, get tired after a little work and find so difficult to wake up in morning doing nothing ?  This is what my mind was put into. We are tired even before waking up, go through the motions like robots through the day and sleep eludes us at night because of fatigue. The exhaustion epidemic is upon us. How did we reach here? This is a serious issue with the world of today. Our ancestors worked days and nights with their full strengths , they fought wars which lasted for many days , they ate raw food, in fact they are perfect balanced food. What is the problem of today’S generation? We do Jit stop nagging ourselves over a simpler issue. We want frequent breaks over work. The answer to these question is ‘ world of techno-freaks’. This is something and wholly related to the world of technology. More a materialistic world then a world of pure happiness . Here, happiness is defined by buying a new branded  clothes or expensive electronics rather than scoring high in academics or the inner strength any beauty . We have forgotten and lost in the world of materialism than the world of purity. The world of fake then the world of strength and growth. Everyone is in search of happiness here and still no is happy and contended. The problem which do no let us allow to wake up is out stress, the efforts to be happy. The rule out this and completely abolish this, we shall be happy with nature . We shall spend time with nature and shall adore the beauty of nature . Meditate in the lap of nature, workout, exercise , eating right shall be out goal to be existent in this world . This will lead you to inner happiness, strength , beauty . Meditation will not only increase the power of happiness but also it will lead to strength of concentration . May the world understands the beauty of Mother Nature and accept the revolution of lifestyle.

Those sparkling eyes!

  Hello everyone ! How you been doing ? Hopefully good. Longtime I wrote anything here searching for something worth writing. Little busy in my daily schedule, my life has changed to good since I last wrote my post. Here I go with my experience.

A routine day, I was returning home after a dinner with my husband. It was Sunday and we usually dine outside that day. We had good food and more we had some good talks. While returning, I asked my husband my wish to have PAN. This is sweet flavoured usually have it after food. He parked the car and went off to buy my need. Meanwhile a little kid nearly ageing 6 years only came to me and asked me to buy balloons. He was poor and so he needed money. Though poor, his eyes had a spark of confidence and not seemed pityful. I scrolled down the glass of my car and gave him 20 rupees without the balloons as those balloons would be in no use to me as we do not have any kid in our home. He asked me to take balloon of my choice. I denied. To this, his reaction was more surprising to me. He denied to take the money if I did not buy his balloon. He said he was not beggar. He wanted to earn his own money with respect . I took back 10 rupees. The ballon cost was only 5 rupees. He then gave me back again 5 rupees to me searching hard those 5 rupees from his savings. Such a great heart. I was numbed hearing this. Good was his upbringing. I wish every beggar should learn from him in our country. 

Women, women empowerment. 

Hello there, since last a week I have searching my mind to write on this. The major issues dealing these days in India. U fail to understan what today s people want. They want want good and fast communication , a developed country in a stroke with India who even fails to keep the women safe in their homes. I was sad when I learnt that even foreign students don’t want to study India or skip their jobs when they know they have to work with Indian males. Is this country so illiterate ? Are we really developing country ? I have been seeing women harassment in day to day lives. It’s sad. Women are not safe outside their homes then are they safe at their homes giving domestic violence an issue to raise up. I am a women. I understan how does it feel. Our nation is loosing it’s tranquility , it’s religion , the respect. Communalism is another issue with our country like India . The last evening I read of OLA CABS. A Customer demanding for Hindu driver because he himself was a Hindu and so preferred the same. Is this really happening ? People are not so dumb and not so illeterate to choose the drivers for their comforts just ranging them between religion. The question here arises of the safety. The believe Hindu drivers are safe. I am not talking about a particular religion but here clearly we can see the faith , the fear of trusting other people. The don’t trust people, they trust religion.

The second issue we come up with is crime which is increasing day by day. The crimes for women like rape, domestic violence etc are increasing, girls ain’t safe at their homes too. People have become insensitive. I feel women are more important to society. They should be given opportunity to educate themselves. I am still finding a time when women wil be quality treated with men. I can write long and long fill pages for women and their related activities. 
Depression is the other issue which is very well prevelant in indian society. Women face me tak torture, trauma, abuse. I fight for these. I am waiting for the day when indian women will be allowed to take their own decisions and become self dependent. Love you ladies out there!

After the wedding , first Valentine ❤️

Sunday , I planned with all of them in vain . As I am nearly married my man a week ago , I live with joint family which involves my in laws and their 3 kids more. Marwari family has restrictions regarding the way you live. A day before Valentine, my in laws were out and through which I got a chance to celebrate the perfect day .
I woke up little late then usual and saw him snoring . He looked cute while sleeping . I loved him. Brushing my teeth I saw him looking for me with his half awake eyes. I woke him up and wished him the first Valentine. I then went to kitchen to make him a hour vita milk and for me a tea. He went out for buying my fav breakfasts. I Decorated the room with perfect Valentine cake with his most loved flavour and a sea green coloured shirt which was a present to him. He came and his expressions were priceless when he learnt the surprise. We cut the cake , ate and made love 🙈 now don’t expect me to write more on this 😉
I returned to room in bathrobe hearing the noise in the kitchen . Yes my husband was cooking . Love him more . He cooked my favourite dal rice and we had it together as we do everyday . We then talked and dressed up ourselves to go for shopping . We went to a mall with millions of choices and I tried nearly 50 pair of denims and end up fitting a perfect . He was little annoyed as I kept him busy of shopping for nearly 4 hours . My husband hates shopping . But it was my day 😉 we shopped more a little and then I went to salon to get ready for the evening . He went for the arrangements which he hide from me but I knew him well. Ready for the evening as we were riding to the place , we gave me a red roses bouquet . Wow I went romantic . This was the first time my husband did not ask me for the venue to go for dinner as he had already planned . To Tease him , I asked which place are we going , I want to go that particular restaurant 😉 he smirked . Hahaha
As I stepped out of the car , I saw him searching for something but hiding from me . He did this because he wanted me to surprise . Yeah I pretended as if I dint notice but he hid something in his shirt . There was my present . We walked together to the place . It was beautifully decorated with flowers candles and balloons . The perfect romantic ambience , the smell . As we sat down , he took the present .. It was a diomond ring , omg …. Beautiful it was . I did not thought of this . It was so pretty. I wanted to hug him and kiss them . I could see his face shaded because of the candle light . He looked handsome and romantic . We were so happy and talked endlessly . I love to her his talks . He is naughty and know many ways to make me happy and smile . We ate the delicious food which I ordered as I do so everytime . We talked more while returning back home. I wanted to eat PAN . We ate that and returned back home tired but not tired to make love and love each other more and more . I love you baby ❤️


Be happy on your own !

A life never gone . Sitting on a couch I wondered why is my happiness ruled by others wishes , acts , deeds ? At the end, all that matters to me is my happiness . Everyone is judged by people around them . I am sad if my mother scolded me for my wrong doings , I am depressed if I am not able to meet what I need. But shall it be so? I once wondered. Life is precious and so the moments we we dwell and we plan are too . Let them set free. Let the happiness in you be judged by you only . Unless you are ready to feel free from the outer world you will never be happy. Internal peace is greatest happiness around the world. There is so much more to life than finding person who will want you or being sad who doesn’t want you . Stop pondering . There is lot of time to spent discovering yourself without hoping that someone will fall in love with you. Being positive does not always help they can only soothe you . So hoping the best in future is the mission 😀

Can happiness ever be defined ?

Winter noon 3:38 I was wondering what the happiness is. Is it the feeling others give us? Is it what we expect from others ? To my surprise when the above questions went on positive in my mind , I realised that was not happiness . It was tempering satisfaction . Why are people like we are so dependant on the surroundings we share ? Here we are compromising with our happiness . If the feeling of happiness is defined by others and dependant to them we will end up loosing ourself very soon. I had stopped talking to myself and I was unhappy . I realised I had given away my life completely . I realised I my happiness is dependant. Eternal peace and happiness is the greatest gift . Somehow I had lost in the midst of worldly pressures . Spending time with thyself , talking within and start loving thyself , I decided . No one in this world is for the selfless purposes . They have their own and they care for thyself. Don’t be so dependant that they leave you unhappy . You owe only yourself and only your happiness . A lil afraid I am a lil scared and I lil confused whether the decision is fair enough. 15 days for the wedding bells and am I happy ? Why there is no answer from within. I can’t share this , this feeling . I can’t explain them . I am confused whether it was a dreamy world . It makes me sad. I was happy before . I was happy when my dad cared each and every thing about Me. He smiled if I insisted him continuously for some desires and tried to fulfil them . He fulfilled my wishes and even scolded me for my wrong doings . A sorry was enough here . But this is not going to same throughout my life . My mistakes are not forgiven . Why am I always misunderstood . The best way to all the solutions is to remain quiet . I have learnt I was only my dad s princess . I love you papa 😘


Bureaucracy and improvements …. A boon to 21st century for India

The title here suggests that I am going to write here something about government and their issues. As the name suggests I am going to write something positive about them which I and people around india have been cursing since long. It’s about passport , a right of identity of every individual across the globe. I had fixed an appointment to the passport office for the verification of my details provided to them to get a valid passport for myself so that I can get a permission from government to travel overseas. I had to cover a distance of nearly 4 hours to visit the passport office . My dad insisted to come along so that he can be protective when I put a statement that I would manage myself by some public transport vehicles. We woke up next early morning and drove towards the place known as rajkot which was nearly 200 kms away from my hometown.
I had registered my passport appointment few days back in ahmedabad office which was 400 kms away from my hometown. To my surprise the appointment was cancelled because of my 10 mins delay from the appointed time. This had actually surprised me because I had not expected indian government organisations to be so punctual. Then I had booked my next appointment to the rajkot branch office . I reached before time. So me and dad had lunched till that time. After that, I went to the office at my appointment time. I stood in que and the after 20 mins I was give a token to reach the next big room . Scanning the token I was allowed to enter that room. I was supposed to. Watch the huge TV screens for my token number to display . It was N251. After nearly 15 mins the token number appeared and I was directed by a man to go to counter A1. The appointed man checked my documents and asked me questions about my studies. He than scanned my fingerprints and then my photograph. I wished that moment of I would have dressed up better and tied my hair properly instead of making a simple bun 😜 I was then directed to wait until the same token number appeared. I waited there for long 30 to 40 mins and then again was directed by a man to go to counter number B1. The appointed man had tobacco in his mouth and so he was not in mood to ask me questions instead he talked me in language of signs. He then asked me to wait till my next turn. I again waited for nearly 40 mins and then I was called up by man sitting on counter number C3. I checked my documents and asked me to submit all of them before leaving. I did the same.
What amazed me was the the process. It was so very perfect to my surprise . The indian government was improving. No bureaucratic delays all went perfect. The timing was perfect.there were around 100 people per batch. They managed every individual perfectly. The time ncomes and by that token number we have to show the documents.there was transparency in their work. There were beverage counters for the people who felt lazy while waiting. This was so good. The service was perfect. It was centrally air conditioned room. We we’re offered comfortable chairs while waiting. I then learned the whole process was managed by TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES.its good to know that my india is improving day by day. The next day I got a call from police station for the passport inquiry which means my process was actually done properly. It was the next process then. Wowww… Indian government improved to a great level. Keep growing india . I am proud of you .
I wrote and I am proud of Indian government which now has improved and has thrashed the bureaucratic delays and red tapism. Undoubtedly red tapism is still prevalent here but I have faith that this also will be abolished some day, SOMEDAY …yes. Keep growing ….



Eternity and beyond ….!

I have felt when I start writing it’s the best thing when I want to console thyself. When I want to make myself happy and sympathise , I start writing. I am not happy. They love no more. They care no more. Only he does. No one asked how was I feeling this morning. Only he did. He cared. He called me and asked me to visit the doctor. I smiled. He is my dose I felt. Papaji had called me last night to learn about my bad health. I talked to them. I felt good cos they were to love and care.
He called back again . I din visit the physician. He loved me so much I could certainly feel that in his words. But here, they dint. May be they have forgotten . I went downstairs and took homemade (which I made) medicine for my throat. No one asked . Was I disturbing them? These are few moments which I hated. I felt I was unwanted in this place. It was not a good feeling at all. I felt I wanted to go back to him and hold him till my breath. Here their reactions were not expected ever. After writing this I console myself. I am happy . I am getting married to my love. Love you endlessly . Waiting to see you 😘

When I want to break the wall , those boundaries !

With the feeling of writing I start. I don’t know what exactly I want and what I wish to write but sometimes writing is always comforting. It’s equal to telling you story to the person they wish to here. Writing has always been inspiration for me as I could write whatever and who ever phrases I feel and I do really feel? Today I feel people are busy with their livings, they care they live for themselves but that living is so obnoxious. No one ready to hear the other one. Even if it happened to , we do not pay attention to such things or issues . I do not know what to write , all us know is writing is comforting . Moonlight and I am sleepless . Wandering thoughts and mixed emotions . Yes , it’s going to be changed in few months . The thing which had always taken a hell outta me is going to happen . I am getting married . At a point this feeling is so beautiful , so Pretty , so loving and so safe but at the other side it has few issues which I have to deal . I mean they not be issues but this is the word I can phrase for now . I am little scared and all the more excited to meet him to be with him for the rest of my life. It’s like the beautiful feeling of first drop of rain and I wish to walk with him. Writing all this is so pleasing . It comforts me to great extent . I wish myself good luck as I am going to leave my memories my past living and my family behind specially my childhood days . I love thyself. Happiness with you is all I wish . Hand in hand with you through your my life and even beyond . The trust intact . The love all the more beautiful each passing day. Welcome my new life 😊<