Her belongings will be treasured !!!

From past a month I have been searching for the best jewellery for my wedding day. But the search has been in vain . Cities I have travellers and returned disheartened . From Internet websites to various brands showrooms I have been looking for my wedding jewellery. Annoyed and unhappy .
We were discussing about the places to travel for my wedding jewellery in our drawing room. Mom brought her grand anklets which she had been gifted by Nani for her wedding . They were awesome. Perfect what I had thought. I loved them. She asked me if u liked them . In fact I loved them. I loved them to be treasured . I told mom I would take this. Her eyes glittering she was happy to give me this in present. It was simply wow. I wore and looked in the mirror yes again I love them . No one would be so happy as your mom to give you sucha beautiful presents . These anklets would realise me the love of my mom everyday.thank you mommy 😘😘



I love you – Maa

She is my mom. From the day I got engaged till today she has been asking me the same bunch of questions. Yea ma, I am happy. This has been my answer to all of her questions concerning for my marriage. I am going to marry in the few months . The preparation is on. Her anxiety does not resist her to ask me too many questions. Yes I am nervous, I am afraid, I am excited these are the mixed feelings I am going through .
After a small nap in noon , I had tea and then came to my room to check my stuffs. Suddenly mom came upstairs and glared me. I asked her if everything were alright . She exclaimed how would I leave the house this way when she brought me up with pain love and care. She had been so loving and at times scolding for my wrong doings for the past 24 years. Her eyes were filled with concern . I smiled and made get sir on bed and her hugged her tightly . We both hide tears then. She asked me again if I was Happy. I answered in positive way. I wa happy with the wedding preparations , I am happy with my man. Yes of course don’t worry maa, all is good.
Moms are the best part of your life.their tender love and care cannot be replaced with anyone . The day is coming near and each passing day I am getting more anxious . Yes it is a beautiful feeling to get marry to your love. But the fear that I would certainly change my life and my parents and my family is in my mind. The wedding place , the grand food preparation , the wedding cards the wedding attire for bride and the groom are all done. It’s going to be a grand celebration but deep in my heart I am nervous . I am unhappy to leave my residing place and move to other . But at the other side I am marrying him and will be with him all my life.


Life – A Cage

1:15 pm 24th October, 2014 The New Year day. The hustle hustle of diwali celebration was slowed down People visiting their loved ones. Delicious snacks and other preparations were on the table. Aunty with her husband along with her kids had come for the wishes. The younger girl kept her eye on the chocolates when the drinks were served. I gave her some extras. Happily she smiled. We were talking about the diwali preparation and stuffs .she then raised a question . ‘apki padhai puri ho Gayi ?’ . With positivity in my words I then asked what were kids doing for studies . To my surprise she answered ‘ ladkiyo ko to Itna nahi padhana islia bachiyo ko to Hindi medium me dala hai aur rohit ko English media me dala hai’.
I was taken aback . I asked her why were she being so biased. Girls have the equal rights to enjoy the Same what makes do. She answered as girls marry and leave the house while boys marry and take care of their old parents and their family . So for them it was essential to give proper education to boys. I had nothing to say then. I looked at the girls and smiled. The innocent smile on both of them were prettiest in whole day.
I question the society, was this all we girls are for ? Proper education equal to men is our right to demand. Indian society will take time to change their thoughts regarding females. The girls have to serve her parents to work according to the wishes of her parents in the initial stage and then after she is matured to get marry she has to work according to her husband and family . Where are her wishes then? All buried . Do you know female soldiers are prettiest ladies in the world in Iraq and neighbouring countries? They fight till death and are amazingly loyal . They have equal and more capacity to fight then men . I onceread,’females are fools to consider themselves equal to men. They are far more superior’.


The ‘GAP’

It’s huge. From the way they want to dress up to the way they like the delicious Italian cuisines, from the way their beliefs to the way they like to shop themselves.As everywhere, like india, the young want to break with the tradition and the old struggle to keep it. Welcome to the world where software billionaire beggars combine and collide with the old fashioned parents and their americanised Young and particularly fraught. In passes few years I certainly tried to narrow down the gap between our parent’s view and mine own but in vein 😔
Every student or a young lad want to live a lavish life or would like to spend certainly a handsome money on clothing and partying. On the other hand , parents are supportive to certain extent. They want their lads to have the best possible lives at maximum affordable price. But the problem is that the demands are Increasing . Both the generations have different views towards their own beliefs, their own desires. Mothers in India are generally sensitive and over caring for her kids. There are many reasons why there are collisions between parents and children. Again , it’s generaition gap.
Change is essential. I have not concluded myself with reasons to believe that why we are not ready to change ? Parebts need to understan that the young cannot do what parebt’s had done in their early lives. Once they understan this, it will surely give down the many issues. The day they try to Understan that each day is changing for the good and the bad, things will settle . The day young generation understan that parents are care takers, things will be solved. Unlike in America , parebt’s do not set their their lads to free to react and to act . This situations leads child towards depression . With many visions , views and dreams every young want to live a better life ahead with fulfilled dreams. All matters is just the happiness in doing that thing be it good or bad .
Young generation take advantage of te freedom Given to them by their parents. Parents keep on nagging on issues while young remain unaffected. At the end of the day it’s your life whether you live being a ‘spoilt brat’ or ‘obedient kis’ it’s branches saru to understan what is good and what is not. Set them free to do their own things. Those software lads can be more interesting to indian parents than handicraft artists choosing as career. ‘What you are happy in ‘? Understan this well before its late. The gap between the two generation cannot be abolished or removed it can only be narrowed down😊